Empowering independent pharmacies with the tools to effortlessly transform into virtual health clinics without hassle or excessive cost

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myphysician360™ amplifies your clinical offering

Patient accessibility to clinical services is a leading driver of new revenue for pharmacies. However, what happens after a patient is tested? myphysician360 pairs point-of-care testing with on-demand telehealth visits to provide screening and treatment in just one visit, turning your pharmacy into the next generation of urgent care clinics. Our flu, strep, UTI and Ear Infection tests all come with a medical consultation included. Facilitating consults between patients and clinicians gives patients the opportunity to receive their prescription while they stand in your pharmacy. 

Already offering testing? myphysician360 also offers a monthly telehealth subscription plan to support your existing testing capabilities. No appointments required! Patients simply connect with our next available on-demand medical providers across all 50 states.

How does it work?

Rather than managing collaborative practice agreements or referring patients to a provider, customers can get the help they need in just four steps.

Patient creates an account with a phone, tablet or laptop.

Pharmacy staff member administers a test in just 2 minutes.

Patient uploads a picture and speaks with a provider about their results.

Patient takes home the medication they need to feel better.

Clinical services, such as point-of-care testing, are expected to surpass immunizations as the leading driver of revenue for independent pharmacies.

Why should I expand my clinical services?

Increasing patient accessibility to clinical services by offering them at your pharmacy will significantly increase your bottom line. You will generate new revenue streams by adding testing kits to your inventory and increasing prescription sales thanks to new patients from myphysician360’s telehealth consultations. The one-stop convenience factor will improve customer satisfaction and lead to greater customer loyalty. As patients return to the convenience you offer, patient traffic will also increase current front-end sales: increasing patient count will increase the potential customers you have buying OTC medications and other products. Overall, by offering clinical services to your community, you can improve both community health outcomes and your own performance as a business. myphysician360 provides the tools, the expertise, and the support to help you do both.

Benefits of working with myphysician360

Convenience and Ease

Time is a barrier for most pharmacists interested in growing their services. By combining the test kits with a telehealth consultation, you only have to process one purchase. Customers enjoy the ease of transaction and you save time!

Impeccable Customer Service

In the words of our customers, the “process was easy, friendly and effective.” “Your service was great, great, GREAT!” Our customer service team is at your disposal! Whether you or your customers have a question, we are here to help by phone, email or chat.

Marketing Support

myphysician360 provides digital marketing materials to help publicize your new offering. All pharmacy partners receive social media assets, email templates, and more! We also send a convenient counter display for your pharmacy, shelf-talkers to hang and bag stuffers to send home with customers. All these physical and digital marketing materials are included in the purchase of your order!

Our Products and Services

Urgent Care Clinic

Transform your pharmacy into an urgent care clinic. Your purchase includes a monthly subscription to myphysician360’s software for telehealth services*, various marketing materials, and the following rapid tests:

  • 3 Rapid Strep Tests that must be performed at the pharmacy
  • 3 Rapid Flu Tests that must be performed at the pharmacy
  • 3 over-the-counter UTI Tests
  • 1 over-the-counter Ear Infection Kit, including a reusable otoscope and telemedicine consuls

Monthly Telehealth Subscription*

If you already provide point-of-care testing, consider pairing it with our on-demand consultations so customers can easily get the treatment options they need. Consultations available for:

  • Cold/Cough/Flu
  • Sore/Strep Throat
  • Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)
  • Seasonal Allergies / Sinus Pain
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Birth Control
  • Rashes
  • Yeast Infection
  • Minor Injuries (sprains, cuts, etc.)
  • Medication Refills
  • School/Work Notes
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • UTIs
  • Earaches
  • Acid Reflux or Digestive Issues
  • Probiotic Requests
  • Hair Loss / Regrowth
  • And more!

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