Empowering independent pharmacies with the tools to effortlessly transform into virtual health clinics without hassle or excessive cost

Note: This page is for pharmacists, not patients or consumers. If you are a consumer, please click here to learn more about our products.


What is myphysician360?

Founded in 2018 by two board-certified Emergency Medicine physicians, myphysician360 empowers independent pharmacies to play an expanded role in patient care by providing customers an alternative way to receive medical attention without the wait. myphysician360 gives you access to a network of medical professionals which saves you time and aggravation in fulfilling compounded medications. Services are available via more than 1000 pharmacies in all 50 states.

Why should I partner with myphysician360?

5% of your patients per day would benefit from compounding products. With an average $50 spent per prescription, this would add $77,500 per year to your gross profit.

Facilitating consults between patients and clinicians gives patients the opportunity to receive their prescription while they stand in your pharmacy. Give your patients access to on-demand telemedicine consultations for a variety of time-sensitive conditions (erectile dysfunction, flu, Strep, rash and much more). No appointment needed!

How easy is it really?

Convenience and Ease

  1. Patient creates an account with a phone, tablet or laptop.
  2. Patient speaks with a medical provider about their symptoms.
  3. Patient takes home the medication they need to feel better.

Impeccable Customer Service

In the words of our customers, the “process was easy, friendly and effective.” “Your service was great, great, GREAT!” Our customer service team is at your disposal! Whether you or your customers have a question, we are here to help by phone, email or chat.

Marketing Support

myphysician360 provides digital marketing materials to help publicize your new offering. All pharmacy partners receive social media assets, email templates, and more! We also send a convenient counter display for your pharmacy, shelf-talkers to hang and bag stuffers to send home with customers. All these physical and digital marketing materials are included in the purchase of your order!

How to get started?

First, sign up for our Monthly Telehealth Subscription, which will include a monthly subscription charge of only $99.95 per month

Next, we’ll work with our team of experts to review your formularies and set up the technical aspects of prescribing your compound. In the meantime, consultations are immediately available for the following conditions: 

  • Cold/Cough/Flu
  • Sore/Strep Throat
  • Pink Eye (conjunctivitis)
  • Seasonal Allergies / Sinus Pain
  • Erectile Dysfunction
  • Birth Control
  • Rashes
  • Yeast Infection
  • Minor Injuries (sprains, cuts, etc.)
  • Medication Refills
  • School/Work Notes
  • Headaches/Migraines
  • UTIs
  • Earaches
  • Acid Reflux or Digestive Issues
  • Probiotic Requests
  • Hair Loss / Regrowth
  • And more!

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