You’re on your way to a telehealth call with a doctor in less
than 10-15 minutes. Start by creating an account here.

What to Expect:

1.Create an account then login

3. Fill out your personal information

5. Purchase a consult for $39.95.
You can use code SPMFREE to discount your purchase.

7. Answer a few more questions before entering the waiting room

2. Select PAIN as your primary purpose for your visit in the symptom checker

4. Select if the consult is for you or a dependent

6. Fill out your medical history

8. Choose between “Call Me Back” or “Continue to Visit”

9. Speak with a medical provider! If you don’t have a local pharmacy, you can choose
Sterling Specialty Pharmacy (1312 Northland Dr. Suite 500, Mendota Heights, MN 55120)
to get your medication delivered to you..