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How P360 Telemedicine Works

Telehealth Meets Convenience

myphysician360 is a virtual clinic! A virtual health clinic refers to the use of technology to provide healthcare for a patient who is oftentimes outside of a traditional healthcare setting.

Virtual health clinics have many benefits. You can access them from anywhere, they’re more affordable than a doctor’s visit or the ER, and you get to avoid exposure to other sick patients.

Welcome to myphysician360.  Here’s how it works: Once you create an account with us and describe your symptoms, simply meet with one of our board-certified medical professionals in minutes and get the treatment you need, sent to a pharmacy of your choice.

Convenient, affordable, and easy care. This is myphysician360. 

Buy Local

A Partnership with Community Pharmacies to Offer You Diagnostic Tests and Telemedicine Services

Did you know that over 90% of Americans live within 5 miles of a community pharmacy? Local pharmacists are a vital part of community health. That’s why we partner with over 1,000 independent pharmacies across the country to connect you with high-quality care.

Fun Fact: You can give back to your community today just by purchasing from your local pharmacy! Once you meet with a medical professional in one of our online consultations, simply send the prescription to your pharmacy of choice. Support a small business and get the treatment you need, all at once, with myphysician360.

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Innovative telehealth services to keep you at the top of the competition
With a nationwide network of board-certified medical professionals at the tip of your fingers, you can now meet all your patients’ care urgent needs!

Resources and support to grow your business
Setting up your telehealth clinic takes less than a day. All myphysician360 partners receive marketing support customer service resources to grow your business!

A partnership like no other
Partnership is the most important component of transforming health care. That’s why over 1,000 independent pharmacies have partnered with us to transform their futures. Our medical and sales experts are ready to help you transform yours, too.

Connect with us today.

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