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Angela Fusaro Featured in Authority Magazine to discuss U.S. Health System and Physician Wellness.

By August 18, 2021September 15th, 2021No Comments

Dr. Angela Fusaro was recently featured in Authority Magazine, where she spoke about the importance of Physician Wellness and improvements that need to be made to the U.S. healthcare system. As an Emergency Medicine physician, Angela was able to pull from her own experience and detail the gaps she saw in the healthcare system and connect it to what made her want to start Physician360.

“We need to design a healthcare system that works for everyone. Top of mind for us is how those in rural communities get care. Patients living in rural communities don’t have the same access to urgent cares, hospitals, and even PCPs. Maybe they are even off the Amazon Prime grid. The point is, a one-size-fits-all model is probably not going to work for a system as complicated as healthcare.”

“I saw gaps in healthcare and wanted to fix the gaps. I started a series of workshops, and it was there I met my future business partner for myphysician360™, where we re-imagined the practice of urgent care.”

Later on, in the article, Angela discusses how the issue of physician burnout should be addressed.

“For most people, performing meaningful work is a requirement for happiness and fulfillment. But a lot of us don’t realize our work is meaningful unless we are shown true appreciation. For physicians, I think that looks like policies that truly support their ability to thrive. Student loan debt reform, reasonable parental leave, and strong reimbursement advocacy.”

Click here to read the full article on the Authority Magazine website.