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August 31st is International Overdose Awareness Day

By August 31, 2021No Comments

With back-to-school activities starting up, August can be a busy month; however, many people don’t realize that August 31st is also International Overdose Awareness day. When people think of overdoses, they usually think of celebrities, illegal drugs, and headlines on People magazine. While that is sometimes the case, it does not accurately portray what the everyday American who is struggling with addiction looks like. 

In 2019 alone, over 70,000 people died from an overdose and over 70% of those deaths were due to opioids. Opioids remain one of the most common pain medications prescribed today, with a 46.7% dispensing rate per 100 persons. Roughly 21-29% of patients prescribed opioids for chronic pain misuse them, and an average of 38 people die each day from overdoses involving prescription opioids. Research suggests that overdoses and the opioid epidemic are still on the rise. Since 2000, the number of drug-related overdoses has nearly quadrupled from over 17,000 to nearly 68,000 in 2018. These numbers are only going to grow if action is not taken.

Pharmacists are often the first line of defense with identifying potential misuse of opioids and can often steer patients towards less addictive, non-opioid pain management treatments, as well as alternative treatments. Better understanding patient’s pain and educating them on the risk of opioid misuse may provide the intervention necessary.

Regardless of the type of pain your patients are experiencing, they deserve to be educated on opioid alternatives and have those alternative pain management treatments affordable and accessible. That’s where myphysician360 comes in. myphysician360 partners with local pharmacies to provide non-opioid pain medication alternatives, such as Orphengesic Forte. We provide on-demand telehealth consultations through our national network of board-certified medical professionals. For just $29.95, patients can create an account, answer some questions, speak with a medical provider, and get a prescription for the medication they need. 

To everyone who has lost a loved one due to an overdose, we stand with you and we will continue to educate people on pain management and overdose awareness. If you or someone you know is struggling with chronic pain, you are not alone. A pain-free life is possible. To get started, click here for patients or here for pharmacies. If you have any questions or comments, please email

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