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Anatomy of a myphysician360 Visit

By August 11, 2020November 2nd, 2020No Comments

How does your retail customer experience myphysician360 telemedicine services? Let’s walk through the process. On our website, your independent pharmacy can purchase kits for a number of point-of-care tests. These tests allow your pharmacy to offer telemedicine services to compete with large chain pharmacies, urgent care facilities, and ‘minute clinics’. The myphysician360 kits allow pharmacists to provide immediate care and allow patients to receive a diagnosis and prescription before they leave your store.

Let’s call our hypothetical customer ‘Sally’ – Sally walks into your pharmacy and complains of flu symptoms. Instead of directing Sally to a nearby minute clinic for a diagnosis, and potentially losing a sale, you can sell her a myphysician360 instant flu test kit & physician consultation (MSRP $49.99).

Sally steps into your bathroom or consultation room, or even return to her car, and self-administers the flu test. While waiting, she texts ‘P360’ to 555888 and fills out a quick screening questionnaire. Within 10 minutes, our highly accurate testing-strip indicates her results. Then Sally can initiate her telemedicine consultation – reaching a trained medical professional within 5 minutes on her smartphone.

If our doctor, who has now spoken with Sally and reviewed her questionnaire and test results, determines she indeed has strep, a prescription is written and immediately faxed to your desk. Sally fills it, buys some additional OTC medications to control her symptoms, and is out the door with everything she needs in less than 30 minutes.

Instead of Sally leaving your store without purchasing, you have now reinforced your trusted customer relationship. She received all needed care, at minimal cost, and without the hassle of multiple trips. Your pharmacy has captured revenue by selling the telemedicine services, filling the prescription, and selling both OTC and other basket-filling items.

It’s a win-win for your independent pharmacy and your loyal customers! Contact us today to join the myphysician360 family and expand your healthcare services.

myphysician360 now offers telemedicine consultations for Coronavirus as well as flu, strep throat, UTI, anemia, birth control, and erectile dysfunction. You can visit our product page to view all of our available services, and contact us today if you have any questions about our products or how it works!