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Fast Relief for Ear Infections? Now Treatment Starts at Home.

By March 15, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Ear infections are one of the most common reasons that parents bring their children to the pediatrician. An ear infection occurs when the ear gets inflamed due to bacteria from fluid build up. The typical infection is ‘acute otitis media’ which develops when the middle ear gets swollen and infected because fluid is trapped behind the eardrum, causing ear pain, fever, or more. If left untreated, more severe ear infections can grow or long-term medical problems could develop. 

While anyone can get infected, children are much more likely because the size of their ears makes it difficult for fluid to drain out. They also have less effective immune systems because they are still developing. Persistent middle ear infections can lead to speech and balance problems, hearing loss, poor school performance or changes in the eardrum structure as children develop through adulthood. Early detection can make it easier to manage and treat your child’s pain. 

Luckily, ear infections are easily treated by antibiotics. For such a common infection, parents shouldn’t have to go through the lengthy and arduous process of booking appointments at pediatricians or long waits at urgent care. By recognizing the signs and treating your child from home, you can quickly and easily deliver fast relief. In fact, it is so easy to diagnose an ear infection that myphysician360 provides a way for parents to confirm the symptoms right from home. myphysician360’s Ear Infection Kit makes it easy to use the otoscope with a licensed provider available online to guide the process. You can diagnose directly at-home by using a digital otoscope, which allows our medical provider to check for redness, swelling, or fluid behind the eardrum via a video connection on our app. 

Parents can have full autonomy over how their child is inspected and still have a full virtual doctors visit. If an ear infection is indicated, the providers can send a prescription straight to your local pharmacy and your child can get treatment fast. The price for a reusable otoscope with an online consultation is less than rushing your child to a doctor’s office or urgent care. 

With myphysician360’s Ear Infection Kit, you can diagnose ear infections from the comfort of your home and protect your child from pain, discomfort, and possible complications. The over-the-counter kit includes a reusable digital otoscope and comes with a telemedicine visit with one of our medical professionals in five minutes or less, any day of the year. Additional medical consultations cost only $29.95 once you already have a myphysician360 digital otoscope. Add it to your first aid kit and use it whenever your child needs relief, fast!