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Founder Angela Fusaro Featured on White Coat Wellness Podcast: “Life as a Health Care Entrepreneur”

By December 1, 2018November 3rd, 2020No Comments

Last month, myphysician360 founder Angela Fusaro was the featured guest on SDT Financial Planning’s White Coat Wellness podcast. White Coat Wellness is a podcast for physicians and dentists, made to educate and inspire listeners to personal, professional, and financial wellness. White Coat Wellness has featured many successful healthcare professionals as guests, and we are so proud they chose to have on Dr. Fusaro!

Dr. Fusaro tells the story of her path to emergency medicine, her choice to pursue an MBA, and what led to her found myphysician360.

Listen to the podcast here to hear Dr. Fusaro talk highs and lows of entrepreneurship in the health care space, as well as give a bit advice she has gleaned along the way.

myphysician360 provides telemedicine consultations for strep, flu, UTI, and anemia test kits with an online physician consult. We are working hard to bring cost-effective telemedicine testing and diagnosis to every state in the US. myphysician360 is thriving, growing the pharmacy network while simultaneously working to expand to all 50 states.

A big thank you to White Coat Wellness for spotlighting Dr. Fusaro and the story of myphysician360. We hope to continue growing and giving more patients control over their own healthcare in the years to come. To learn more about myphysician360’s rapid-test diagnostic kits, contact us today.