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Learn More about myphysician360’s Medical Providers

By January 19, 2021September 10th, 2023No Comments

myphysician360 is committed to ensuring that all of our telemedicine medical providers are intelligent, accessible, empathetic and friendly so that patients get the best care possible in our proprietary virtual platform. We asked our Chief Medical Officer and co-founder, Dr. Rob Lapporte, about his expectations for the provider team and how he picks the very best to be part of the myphysician360 team.


First, when looking for providers, Dr. Lapporte reviews their CVs to make sure they have a breadth of experience, and that their training is in line with the scope of our practice. During the interview process, he makes sure that they have good “phone-side manner” for remote conversations and that they are a good fit with our culture and dedication to inclusivity. With telemedicine services being a uniquely remote form of care, medical providers need to be able to offer the same level of consideration and treatment on our platform that they do in their practices. Our physician affiliates also have to be available to be on-call, ready within minutes, 7 days a week, between 8 am and 8 pm CT for our patients when on duty for myphysician360.

Dr. Lapporte makes sure that all new members of our physician team are board-certified doctors or midlevel providers who have gone through extensive training to get their certifications. While their years of experience may vary, all of our providers are hand selected based, in part, on their education and previous work experience. Most of the providers have specialized in fields that have a wide range of medical knowledge such as internal medicine, family medicine, and emergency medicine. myphysician360 doesn’t generally hire providers who are specialists in fields such as orthopedics, ophthalmology, or radiology, as our service in those specific conditions is less extensive. Telemedicine services through myphysician360 are primarily focused on common, low-acuity illnesses that are frequently treated in a doctor’s office but could easily and safely be cared for off-site by the patient like strep throat, the seasonal flu, and urinary tract infections.

All of our physicians are in constant communication with one another (despite being in all 50 states!) discussing interesting cases, the latest treatment options of particular illnesses, or just bantering about the field they love. Our physicians share in our belief that patients should be in control of their healthcare and have options that lower the cost of care while being easier to access than traditional medicine. Telemedicine services through myphysician360 provides that choice. myphysician360 has the best team of medical providers because, as Dr. Lapporte says, they help each other and our patients grow.