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A mother’s schedule is already filled to the brim with taxi-ing kids to and from school, organizing the snacks for the next soccer game, trying to keep the house somewhat in order, and so much more. Squeezing in a doctor’s appointment for either themselves or their child is borderline impossible. 

myphysician360 CEO and co-founder, Angela Fusaro, recently sat down with Kristi Corley, owner and founder of Orlando Mom Collective, for an interview where she shared how quick, easy, and convenient myphysician360’s telemedicine health services are for moms in particular. 

In Corley’s own words:

“As a mom, I’m constantly looking for ways to make motherhood easier. I love Amazon Prime and Facebook Marketplace. I buy my groceries online, I buy presents online, I buy clothes online. If I can get anything while sitting on my comfy couch, I’m sold! 

So when I learned about myphysician360 and that there was a way to see the doctor for illnesses like UTIs, the Flu, Strep and even get birth control pills, I had to find out more!” 

Here is a short snippet of the interview, but you can view the full video and blog post on Orlando Mom Collective’s website

Orlando Mom Collective is a locally-focused parenting resource for both moms and families that is passionate about parenting and their community. This organization strives to connect local moms with each other, as well as other relevant resources, local businesses, and can’t-miss events happening in the area. 

myphysician360 understands that being a mother is hard enough when everyone in your house is healthy. Our on-demand telemedicine consultations make it quick and simple to see a doctor, receive a diagnosis and treatment, and get a prescription. And with myphysician360’s promise of ‘purchase to prescription in 30 minutes’, you’ll epitomize that “#1 Mom” title on your coffee mug in no time! 

You can click here to browse myphysician360’s telemedicine services for strep throat, flu, UTI, Anemia, birth control and ED. If you would like to learn more about our products or have any questions on how it works, contact us today!