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Targeting and Treating Erectile Dysfunction During COVID-19

By April 15, 2020September 15th, 2021No Comments

In these uncertain months caused by the COVID-19 havoc, common health problems can seem like they need to take a backseat to the pandemic. However, many people continue to have personal health issues to deal with beyond the spread of coronavirus, and we all still deserve the right to medical help, even with the pandemic clouding our lives.

Erectile dysfunction is a frustrating and common medical problem that many men struggle with. It is a condition where someone can’t keep or get an erection. It can be caused by a variety of factors, both physical and mental. Being socially isolated at home may make it feel like there is no escape from erectile dysfunction, but thankfully, there are still ways to target the problem and treat it.

Some of the causes could include:

  • Harmed nerves or damage so blood flow in penis is limited
  • Stress, depression, or other mental issues
  • A more serious underlying condition

By finding the cause, erectile dysfunction can be treated. It could just be that you need to change lifestyle habits to target an underlying issue. These treatments could include a change in your diet, no smoking or drinking alcohol, or an increase in exercise. Another treatment plan could target emotional or mental problems, like anxiety or depression.

There are also treatment plans to directly combat erectile dysfunction. These include:

  • Testosterone therapy: If there are low levels of testosterone, testosterone therapy can help increase sex drive.
  • Penile injections: Alprostadil can be self-injected into the side of penis with a very fine needle. The success rate for this method is as high as 85%. It can also be mixed with other drugs, which is called “bimix” or “trimix” combination therapy. The amount of each drug used can be changed based on the severity of your erectile dysfunction.
  • Oral drugs: Drugs known as PDE type-5 inhibitors like Viagra, Levitra, Cialis, and Stendra can be taken an hour or two before sex and help increase blood flow. You shouldn’t take this if you are taking nitrates for your heart.
  • Vacuum Erection Devices: A vacuum erection device is a plastic tube that slips over the penis, sealing the skin of the body. A pump at the end allows for a low-pressure vacuum around the penis, and can result in an erection.
  • Penile implants: This surgical treatment involves the insertion of a penile implant to stiffen the penis. This method is the best for older men who can’t have penile vascular surgery or oral drugs.

All the treatments, except for implant surgery, are taken to help the symptoms and eventually wear off. Thankfully, there are multiple treatment options if one option doesn’t work out.

Physician360 provides online doctor consultations, so you can chat with a doctor about your personal health right from home. Our doctors can help you figure out what the best erectile dysfunction treatment is for you while being isolated and still putting your health first.