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Why just treat, or just test, for UTI, when you can do both?

By September 1, 2020September 15th, 2021No Comments

myphysician360 is leading the revolutionary wave of telemedicine that’s changing healthcare. One example of how we’re continually pushing for better outcomes for patients and opportunities for pharmacies is our unique urinary tract infection (UTI) product. Our UTI test and consultation product is vastly different from the simple test strips provided by some competitors and also from in-person healthcare or the general telehealth market. 

Even though a UTI is easily distinguishable for most women, and not medically complex to identify or treat, a prescription is still needed for antibiotics. Countless consumers spend time and money scheduling in-person appointments with a doctor, or they try to treat themselves with OTC remedies. And while other test strip products exist, just getting a positive diagnosis without a way to get treated doesn’t add much value.

The myphysician360 solution allows patients to get a definitive diagnosis via a simple, self-administered test as well as speak with a healthcare professional to receive a prescription. This saves time and money and creates peace of mind. By partnering with myphysician360, pharmacists benefit by offering a complete service instead of just testing strips, while being able to fill the prescription for patients immediately. If the patient takes the test and has the telemedicine consultation while in the pharmacy, they never even have to leave the store!

In addition to instant diagnostic tests, myphysician360 differs from other telemedicine services like EverlyWell or DoctorOnDemand which only function as phone calls. myphysician360 delivers services through personal video consultations with patients on a smartphone or computer. Our average wait time to speak with a medical professional is only four minutes! Patients rely on the convenience of general online consultations with our doctors, even if testing for their condition is not required. Through our personalized patient interactions, Physician360 creates long-lasting, mutually-beneficial partnerships with pharmacists to grow their revenue.

Explore more test & telemedicine options from myphysician360. Our UTI product is ready to go on the shelves! Other condition-specific kits – flu, strep, anemia, and now, COVID-19 – are dispensed as indicated by our pharmacy partners. Join the myphysician360 family today and expand your healthcare services!