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Why myphysician360 is better than a phone call

By March 2, 2021August 20th, 2021No Comments

Why choose myphysician360 healthcare services? myphysician360 doesn’t just offer a phone call with a medical professional. Telemedicine services with myphysician360 are comprehensive and include face-to-face video interactions with a board certified medical provider, can include diagnostic test kits, and are built around your trusted relationships with community pharmacists. With myphysician360 telemedicine services, patients can be fully confident about the healthcare they receive. Telemedicine companies that only provide a phone call often don’t provide doctors enough information to make accurate diagnoses and provide the right treatment immediately. Our proven process ensures that every patient is given accurate and proper care from the comfort of their home, with prescriptions sent to the pharmacy of their choice if indicated. 

myphysician360 telemedicine services are easy to use at home or in your pharmacy and our diagnostic test kits provide accurate results in just minutes. The diagnostic abilities of the tests have accuracy similar to the tests done in a physician’s office or a clinical laboratory. The telemedicine kits that include diagnostic tests allow for both the patient and our medical professional to have a proper diagnosis rather than guessing. We have rapid tests for strep, UTI, flu, and anemia, which can all be purchased in your local pharmacy and allow you to get tested and diagnosed without waiting in a doctor’s office or urgent care. Our medical providers are able to see the test results through the camera and speak directly to the patient within minutes of the test results coming in. With our platform, the providers can even walk the user through the test and help the patient understand the meaning of the test results, which cannot be done through a phone call.

Our test kits are carried by over 950 independent pharmacies in the United States. Our trusted partnerships with local pharmacies allow pharmacists to provide care and assistance to our patients, along with allowing patients to have all their needs and inquiries attended to by a trusted source. With a thorough online visit with a licensed provider and support from the pharmacists in addition to a diagnostic test, myphysician360 makes sure every patient is cared for fully and accurately.


*At home test kits ONLY AVAILABLE for UTI, Ear Infection and select COVID tests. All other tests ONLY AVAILABLE at participating pharmacies.